Thursday, 31 January 2008

Swap Night

It's Thursday night and we've decided to make it this week's "Swap Night". We tried this last week for the first time, to give Olga a full night's undisturbed sleep. She feeds Lara around 9-10pm, then goes to bed, and I look after the later feeds using expressed milk. Tonight I've "topped her up" around midnight and she's sleeping, and hopefully that will see her through till 4am, I'll feed her then, and that should be good until 7am when we'll go and wake Mum in the spare bedroom.
I'd go to bed straight after her midnight feed but Dirty Harry is on ITV4 and I just can't resist watching it to the end. I did miss the "Go ahead, make my day" line though. It's nice to see bits of San Francisco I recognise from our 2005 holiday.
We had the same thing last week, we watched the Nicholas Cage film "Honeymoon in Vegas" (NOT the one where he tries to drink himself to death!) which had scenes in Vegas and Hawaii that we remembered. He used a phone in Waimea on Kauai next to the statue of James Cook that we have a photograph of!

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