Monday, 7 November 2016

Halloween Candy & Dentists

As is the way in North America, Halloween was a big deal for the kids, and for some of the grown ups! We went to a friend's house for a party on the Saturday evening, the adults dressed up as well as the kids..

Then on Halloween itself we did the obligatory trick-or-treating, but it only lasts a couple of hours and then there are all the sweets to eat, we have to help the kids, it wouldn't be fair on them to make them eat it all.

Coincidentally, both kids have had two fillings each this last week! Poor Lara had hers on the 31st October, which did limit how much candy she could eat that night! Dan had his two a week later, but they were very small, and didn't require a numbing injection. He had been promised that he could choose a new dinosaur if he was good for the dentist, and he was, so meet Rocky the (Inflatable) Rockysaurus:

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