Tuesday, 3 May 2016

1000 days in!

Tuesday 3rd May 2016 marks 1000 days since we moved to Canada, which warrants a quick blog post.
We're very happy here, the kids have settled right in, which was the biggest concern for Olga and I. All their various sports keeps us extremely busy, but since our house move last Summer, we now live very close to the city's main sports centre, where Lara has her swimming lessons (once a week), gymnastics (once a week), taekwondo (twice a week) and skating (three times a week). Dan has his skating and gymnastics there too, both twice a week.
I could spend much of the night trying to dig out a few photos and videos that sum up the last 1000 days, but for now, I'll settle on posting this video from last week, of Lara being given her yellow belt in taekwondo...

Olga and I will have a little celebratory drink in the back garden once the kids are in bed, and toast the next 1000 days!

(oh, and well done to Leicester City, winning the Premier League on our day 999, at odds of 5000-1)

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