Thursday, 18 February 2016

Mexico holiday

We're back safe and sound from our 5-night trip to Mexico, and very nice it was too. Very warm, a lovely resort, nice pools for the kids to play in, lovely food (and drink).
I'll put together a little slide show of the best photos and videos soon enough, I hope, but in the meantime here is one that tickled us - each night there was entertainment in the evening, and one night was a Mexican-themed evening. The staff started by inviting kids aged 4 and over up onto stage to bash a pinata - Lara snuck Danny up there and coached him on how to behave, and here is the result - make sure you have your sound up!

Two other spectacular things to share quickly would be Lara's hair - she had it braided by a vendor on the beach (actually 2 ladies, it took them 30 minutes!)

And later Lara and I went whale watching, and saw 4 humpbacks in less than 2 hours, including this mother and baby:

More to follow...

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