Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dan Skiing Progress

Dan has had three proper lessons now at Olympic Park, and he seems to be doing really well. He's not as fast as the other kids, but he is one of the youngest, and frankly I'm happy for him to be slow but in control rather than fast and not-so-in-control - it wouldn't be fair to say the other kids who are faster than him are out of control. I did like the brief conversation I heard between the parents of one boy, about Dan's age, who tends to hurtle straight down the hill without turns or snowploughing, until he stops himself by falling or being caught by someone...
Mum, just arriving back from a coffee break: "Hey, how was Ryder?"
Dad: "Kamikazee."
That seemed pretty accurate to me.
Here's Dan putting in some nice turns:

Dan does get some practice in at the weekend at Nakiska, where we play a game with Mr & Mrs Pole, he has to grab them or high-five them on the way past..

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