Thursday, 17 September 2015

Uh oh, another trip to Airdrie Urgent Care

When I picked up Lara from school on Tuesday to take her to skating, she told me that her foot hurt a bit after she rolled her ankle during recess. She had a slight limp, but we've all rolled our ankle at some time, and I thought it was just a sprain. We went to skating, thinking that once her foot was laced into her Skate she'd be OK. She did a couple of circuits of the rink and told me she was OK, so we left it at that. After an hour of skating, she had an hour of off-ice exercise with her skating buddies, and got through that without complaining either. She came home and asked me to strap her foot up in a bandage, I thought it was more for the attention than anything else, and her foot didn't look too bad. But an hour later, when we took the bandage off when she was getting ready for bed, her ankle had really swollen, and now she was in some discomfort. So we took the decision that Olga should take her to urgent care in Airdrie, the same place we took Dan when he fractured his collarbone. They were gone for a couple of hours, before they came back with Lara in a blue cast and a pair of crutches, the diagnosis being a fracture of her foot, close to her ankle. She needs to on crutches for 4 weeks, so that puts skating, taekwon-do and dryland ski training on hold. We put her mattress on the floor in her room so she doesn't have to negotiate steps if she needs the toilet, and she's got the technique sorted for getting up and onto her crutches. She went to school today, though we took her in the truck rather than her going on her bus. Her teacher will organise "recess buddies" to help her at break time, and an elevator buddy to go with her in the lift at school so she doesn't need to worry about stairs. Let's see how long the love of crutches lasts, the novelty might wear off soon. She is looking forward to choosing the colour of her next cast though, as you can choose these days. My money is on pink...

Dan wanted a cast too, but he had to put up with a sock.,.

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Milagros Max said...

It looks like she was pretty brave about the whole thing. I hope her foot healed well, and I am glad she received plenty of help during this time. Did she wind up choosing pink for the cast? It is so cute that her little brother wanted a cast as well. The younger siblings always want to mimic their older siblings.

Milagros Max @ U.S. HealthWorks Puyallup