Friday, 19 June 2015

Offer accepted on Windstone Crescent

So the sign went up outside here on Friday morning, we had a viewing on Saturday afternoon, another on Monday morning, and another on Wednesday morning, and then an offer on Wednesday afternoon!
There was some negotiation between the realtors during the evening, but we accepted a revised offer at 10pm Wednesday evening. So sometime in the next 10 days the prospective buyers will send a home inspector round to assess the place, and assuming he finds nothing to convince them to withdraw their offer, and their bank agrees to lend them the money (they've been preapproved by the bank it seems), then their offer becomes pretty much a done deal. If they change their minds after that, they lose their deposit (to us and our realtor).
The photographer that our realtor sent round took some very nice photos of the house, so I'll post them here for posterity. I'd credit him if I knew more than just his first name - Danny!

Now the real fun starts - house hunting. At the moment we've agreed to be out of here on 20th August, but if we find a suitable place much sooner than that, we'll negotiate about being out sooner.

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