Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Late night cleaning

It's gone 1.30am and we're up, Olga's tidying & cleaning and I've been painting (walls, not seascapes), ready for our estate agent to come tomorrow afternoon to take the photos before the house is put on the market. The house hasn't looked this bare since the day we moved in.  We've filled about 70% of the 1000 cubic foot storage unit we hired, and I've another couple of truck loads to take tomorrow morning.
It is only the photos tomorrow, but the viewings should start in a couple of days hopefully, so the place has to stay spotless - easier said than done with two kids and two dogs, but there simply aren't enough things left in the house for the kids to clutter place up with! 
Time for a glass of wine and a relax before bed. I think we'll have a rest tomorrow night before the madness of viewings start. The word on the street here is that our kind of house in our development is selling in 6 to 9 days, so if that's accurate, that would be very nice, we might have sold it before Grandma arrives in two weeks...

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