Friday, 1 May 2015

Lara's Skating AGM and Dan the Dude

Last Saturday was the AGM for Lara's Skating Club. It was usual Club AGM fare, with reviews of the finances, and election of officers to the board. It's a much bigger job than I imagined to organise the club, and most of the people are volunteers.
It was an opportunity to give out awards to the skaters who had passed tests, or had been chosen by the coaches to receive awards for their efforts through the last year. Lara wasn't among the winners this time, but hopefully next year she'll be able to go up and collect something. She has her first test coming up on May 20th, when she will skate with a partner. We're trying not to build it up as a big thing, but it will be fantastic if she does well.

Here she is on stage with all the other skaters that were present at the AGM:

Just in case she wasn't busy enough, now there's no skiing to occupy her, she's picked up her swimming lessons, so she's in the pool an hour after Dan's skating lesson finishes, luckily they're both at the same venue. That gives us time for a family breakfast at the fast food joint of her choosing. It was Subway last week for the first week of her lessons, for tomorrow she's announced it will be Tim Hortons.

Dan is continuing to do well at nursery, he seems to be fully over his broken collarbone, his hand, foot and mouth infection he had recently, and a little bout of conjunctivitis last week. He's sleeping well, hardly ever waking in the night, and not often insisting that one of us stay with him in his room until he falls asleep. We usually have to wake him at 6.15am to get him up for nursery, which seems a shame, but it's a necessary evil. When we let him sleep in on Sundays he will usually last until after 9am - it's usually his sister who's up first and goes into his room to play with him! There's only a little reprieve on Saturdays at the moment as we have get him up at 8am to go to his skating lesson.
He's getting very independent, liking to do most things himself, including climbing over the rails of his cot bed to get into bed. He is capable of climbing out, but only does so on Sunday mornings when his sister wakes him to play - see above! He has taken to running everywhere, he's surprisingly quick, and he has a very funny, slightly awkward 3-year-old's way of running. He still loves to throw things - balls mostly - and he seems to definitely favour his left hand at the moment.
I couldn't resist taking these pics of him one morning this week, on his way to nursery, looking quite the dude with his backwards-baseball cap:

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