Sunday, 24 May 2015

Lara's Skating Gala

Lara skated at her club's Gala on Sunday, her group of Junior StarSkaters peformed a routine to a song from The Little Mermaid. Lara is easily spotted as she's the only one without a helmet, a sign of her confidence - and that of her coaches' - but this meant a lot of work was done beforehand by Olga in fixing her green and blue hair extensions and applying a little bit of makeup. The group hadn't had a lot of time to practise the routine, only a few sessions in the week before the Gala, but Lara seems to be very good at remembering this kind of thing, and you can see in the video where she reminds some of her friends where they should be going next!
She now has a whole month off skating before her summer programme starts, but she's really enjoying it, and we can see the progress she's making.
Just to top off a good skating week, Lara passed her first proper "test", where she had to skate a "Dutch Waltz" with a partner in front of a judge. Her scores were marked as Satisfactory, as opposed to Good or Excellent, which is fine by us, we don't want her getting big-headed or complacent.

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