Saturday, 25 April 2015

Skating Lesson 3 - Jolly Hockey Sticks

The Calgary Flames are currently winning their first-round series of games in the Stanley Cup playoffs against Vancouver, 3-2, and we squeezed Dan into a Flames jersey over his coat for this morning's lesson. It seems to do the trick, he spent much of the lesson on his skates, not his bum, and Olga barely had to hold him up. He could tip-toe around the ice, and even had a go at hitting some blocks with a hockey stick.
His progress was so good today that his coach has put Mama - and Assistant Coach Lara - on standby for next week, they just have to be ready to come on the ice if Dan wants them, but to start with, the Parent in the Parent and Tot skating group has been "benched"!

Here's a couple of minutes of video of Dan's progress today:

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