Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring is here

Spring arrived here at 4.45pm on Friday 20th March, apparently. I'm not sure how they know the exact time that Spring arrives, but that's what I heard on the radio.
The weather can't decide what it wants to do, although it is still relatively warm, but snow has also fallen this week. Here at the trailer this weekend, Saturday started warm and sunny, so we set out to go for some short walks in places we've not visited before, but soon enough the cloud rolled in, and we've had light rain and snow this afternoon. This hasn't stopped us from putting a chicken in a pot on the campfire, we've just watched the fire from inside the trailer and popped out from time to time to stoke it.
The mild weather these past few weeks and months has meant that bears are starting to wake up. I asked the local ranger this morning about that, seeing as we were heading out for walks in the area, and he said that yesterday evidence had been reported locally of a bear having left its den. We took the bear spray with us, but also the dogs, and between those two and Dan - who isn't known for being quiet - we were sure we wouldn't accidentally disturb a hungry bear.

The walks we went on were next to the Kananaskis lakes, which were still frozen enough in places for people to ice fish:

Last night Lara and Dan gave us an impromptu rendition of numerous songs from Frozen. Lara knows the words, Dan just did his best. It was sweet to watch though.

Tonight we're watching "RV", the must-see movie if you're used to staying in a trailer. Some of Robin Williams' finest work, too..

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