Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Dan

So, we're past the "terrible twos" now!
Dan went to nursery as normal today, after opening his presents and having a chat with Grandma on skype. In the afternoon some friends came over for a little party at home, and after that we've headed out to the trailer for skiing.
Thinking about the last three years, he's packed quite a lot in. He moved house from Wycombe to Bury, then to Canada, he's been on a cruise around the Mediterranean, been on a skiing holiday in France, visited Canada for 2 weeks before we moved here, and has been to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Montana in the last 12 months.
And his latest adventures include getting over his broken collarbone, which is on the mend but needs another few weeks to be completely fixed. He's started to ski and in a few weeks time he'll have his first parent-and-tot skating session with Olga. One of his presents today was a pair of proper skates.
Hopefully tonight isn't a preview of what's to come - it's nearly 11pm and he's still side awake, watching an Ice Age movie in the kid's bedroom in the trailer.. oh well, maybe a lie-in tomorrow??

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