Monday, 16 February 2015

Dan the One-Armed Bandit

While Lara was tucking into her supper before I took her up to bed last Wednesday, Dan decided he should get in on the action. He wasn't being very teary unless we tried to pick him up, and Olga was growing more concerned about his shoulder. He was able to high-five me, and turn his head to both sides, without wincing in pain, but as soon as we tried to lift him, in our normal way, from under his arms, he would yelp in pain. We knew there was an urgent care centre in Airdrie that was open until 10pm, so at 9.15pm Olga took him there for a check up.

This is how he came back 90 minutes later (with his coat on, of course!)...

He'd been seen by the triage nurse, who had quickly had him seen by the doctor, who in turn quickly had Dan x-rayed, which showed a clear "fracture of his clavical".
So he was sent home with his sling, and he's on regular painkillers as and when we think he needs them, and we have an appointment to see a doctor, back at the Children's Hospital, on Wednesday afternoon, to see what the next steps would be.
On Thursday he wasn't too keen on wearing his sling, but then he got used to it, and now we think he likes wearing it. He's very good at taking his hand out when we need to dress or undress him, and we've developed a pain-free way to pick him up. Other than the sling, you wouldn't know that he's got a broken collarbone, and I think it doesn't bother him most of the time. It's quite amazing to watch him move around the house using only one and a half arms, he can use his right hand within the restrictions of the sling. He was running about Toys R Us on Saturday, and enjoyed a trip to the zoo on Sunday with Lara and I.

Lara enjoyed high-fiving one of the hippos..

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