Monday, 19 January 2015

A weekend off

We had an enforced weekend off this weekend, as Lara has come down with a bad cold. It started on Tuesday, she went to school on Wednesday, but by the time Olga picked her up from school to take her to her skating lesson, she was feeling really bad and we decided it wouldn't help her if we made her go skating.
This also meant a lie-in on Thursday, instead of a 5.30am alarm call. Lara has moved up now in to the "StarSkate" program, which means more one-on-one coaching time, and more practice time on the ice, but the easiest way to achieve this is for Lara to practice, and have some coaching time, before school. So she now has a skating session on Thursday mornings from 6.15 to 8am, which involves 15 minutes of one-on-one time with her coach, and some group coaching and some time when Lara can just practice what she needs to work on.
By Saturday afternoon she was still very poorly, and whilst putting a brave face on things, it was clear she wouldn't get any better if we took her out to Nakiska for her skiing lesson, so we had a weekend at home, getting some jobs done, recycling some old clothes and toys, and I even managed to take down the christmas lights from outside the house. The tree had gone to the dump straight after New Year!
I'd already bought some steaks that I had planned to cook on the firepit at the trailer, so the next best thing was to fire up the BBQ here at home and cook them on that. Fortunately the weather is very mild at the moment, above freezing in the daytime and only a little below at night. We can see more grass than snow!

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