Monday, 8 December 2014

Nearly 7

Lara is fully into her preparations for her 7th birthday on Wednesday, and that includes preparing cookies for her class.

She has her Christmas concert - completely in French - on Tuesday, which will be streamed live on the internet by her school. We're having a party for 8 of her friends on Saturday afternoon, in the music studio where she has her piano lessons, and her piano teacher will be there to supervise the kids as they have a go on his instruments.
After her party we'll be clearing up and heading straight out to the trailer, as Lara has her first lesson with her new ski school at 9am on Sunday morning, and we don't want to be late. Having said that, we were late last weekend when we stayed there and had to get Lara to the resort (8 minutes drive), but we'll blame the -37 degree temperatures for that. This week it's forecast to be +13 for a few days midweek, before dropping for the weekend, so some of that 50cm of snow that fell should have melted by the time we get there on Saturday teatime.
Whilst the focus for the age group Lara is joining is still on fun, rather than competitive racing, all the children are considered as athletes. so we have been advised to send her out with protein snacks in her pocket rather than chocolate bars, and there are recommendations on what she should eat after her all-day lesson to help her body recover! Serious stuff...
Back at home, Lara has been asking about getting another pet. We've had a look at hamsters, rabbits, cats and fish (my preference is fish) but we've kind of ducked the issue by suggesting she officially adopts Jackson as her pet, so for the past two nights he has been allowed to sleep in her room, which in reality means, in her bed:

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