Monday, 1 December 2014

A Casino Night

It's 2am on a Monday morning and I'm in a Calgary casino... but I'm working, not
We have signed Lara up with a ski racing club this year, rather than traditional skiing
lessons. She'll still learn, but the focus will be towards speed and technique. As well as
paying for the lessons, the parents are expected to pitch in by volunteering to help with
fundraising. I'm gettig my volunteering stint out of the way tonight, at the casino. The
ski club provide enough volunteers to cover 36 shifts over the weekend, in the more menial
back-room jobs. I'm working in the count room, between 10.45pm and 3.30am. There are 6 of
us, my job is to input the counts of $100, $50, etc... into the computer. We've done one
count so far, and it was $82,000. And this is a quiet Sunday night! Now I'm back in the
Volunteer Lounge, waiting to be called back to the count room with my team, probably in an
hour or so.
In return the ski club will get a share of the casino takings over the next few months, and
this could amount to $60,000! More importantly, this takes care of my volunteering
requirement for the season, and I've seen what $82,000 looks like :-)

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