Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lara's Skating Club Gala

Yesterday Lara performed at her skating club's annual Gala, her group were skating to a Jamaican theme. Here is her performance.. It might be hard to follow her, but at the start of the dance she's in the centre of the front row, and on one end of their pinwheel as it spins around near the end, and she even turns a little stumble into a flourishing finish..

Dan enjoyed clapping along to start with, then decided it was more fun to walk about and add his own commentary:


Then Lara came out again with all the skaters to perform in the Grand Finale; she might have been a bit overawed by this point, and it was the second time she'd had to do it today (there were two performances) but she did really well and we're so proud of her!


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