Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"I'm hot!" reports Dan

Dan has been off nursery this week with a high temperature, from a cold given to him by Lara. He woke us up at 4am on Tuesday morning, crying, and when I went into his room, he told me - quite clearly - "I'm hot! I'm hot!". This seems to be a big step in his development, being able to get this message across. So far we've been able to translate his speech into meaningful English; he's very polite, his "please", "thank you" and "sorry, Lara" are understandable, if not perfect. That last one is very sweet, usually after causing Lara to burst into tears, and is often followed by a hug that soon turns into a wrestling match.
He's not been eating quite as much as usual, but his variety is still good. Even today, when under the weather, he's still polished off cheerios, toast, pasta bolognese, an apple, a banana, more cheerios, cheese, bread, cucumber, a fruit smoothie and ice cream. He's got his Grandpa's sweet tooth and loves cake and ice cream. We understand when he's asking for Ice cream, it sounds like "eye dream" and he stands next to the freezer door.
Other than when he's ill, his sleeping is good. It takes longer to get him off to sleep now, we can't just get him ready for bed, give him warm milk, deposit him in bed and leave now (we had that luxury for months) as he likes us to stay with him till he drops off, sometimes that's 10 minutes, other times it's an hour. Once he's asleep though, that's it. He very, very rarely wakes in the night, and normally we have to wake him at 6.15am to get him up for nursery. It seems a little cruel, but one of us has to be online for work by 7.30am, and the other is getting Lara ready for school, so Dan has to go to nursery early. He gets breakfast there, and he seems to enjoy it, it's rare to have a hissy fit with tears and him holding on to us. If we leave him to his own devices he'll wake between 7 and 7.30. We try to keep him up a little later on Friday nights, past 8pm, in the hope that he'll have a lie-in on Saturday morning - the only morning at the moment when we're not getting up early. Lara puts a DVD on in her room and sometimes we get to lie in until 8.30 or even 9am.
Here he is tonight, on his way to bed; we found Mickey the Monkey earlier this week, he's survived the move. He's survived many moves actually, since being made by my Nana well over 30 years ago!
I've been typing this on my phone in his room while he drops off. I was expecting a long stay, as he'd had a long afternoon nap today, but he fell asleep within 10 minutes of me putting him down, so I'll creep out now.
Maybe I'll try to make this my usual blogging time, rather than playing Deer Hunter or Stick Cricket on my phone like I normally do!

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