Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Lara

Lara turned 6 today, and has been excited about it for weeks. She was happy for me to wake her up extra early this morning, at 6am, so she could open her presents before she went to school.
Dan helped too before we took him to nursery, and Olga was able to watch via skype, and join in with the singing of Happy Birthday.

Once we'd taken Dan, and had a quick skype chat with Grandma, Lara set off to school armed with enough muffins for the rest of her class.

At 1pm and 7pm she sang in her Grade 1 Christmas Concert, where the children sang traditional Christmas carols in both English and French (try and work this one out..."On vous souhaite un joyeux noel..").  The school streamed the concert live on the internet, which is a great idea. Grandma watched the 1pm show and Olga watched the 7pm show. When I went to see the 7pm show, with Dan, the school Principal said that they had had 130 hits for the 1pm show, including from the UK. When they review the hits for the evening show, they'll have probably their first Kazakh hit.
Dan was amazingly well behaved throughout the 25 minute show. I was prepared with all sorts of food to distract him - it usually works - but he just sat still on my knee the whole time, watching the show, and loved joining in the applause at the end of each song.

Lara played with all her new toys after we got home, had her third lot of birthday cake, and then did as she was asked when I suggested she take herself up to her room and get herself ready for bed.  I wasn't really expecting her to, and when I went up 10 minutes later, I was very pleasantly surprised to find her in bed with the light off. She wasn't asleep, and had neglected to brush her teeth, and after that much cake I insisted she get up to do it, which she did without complaining. 
She might just be growing into a nice young lady!

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