Friday, 8 November 2013

A Long Weekend Away

The 11th November is a public holiday here, and Lara's school is also closed the Friday before, so we've decided to take this opportunity to have a long weekend away. We've come to Canmore, and are staying in the same hotel where we stayed when we visited between Christmas and New Year last year.
It was a bit daunting to see how we'd all get on sleeping in one room, it's different now Dan is that much older. He sleeps very well at home, going down with no fights at all around 7pm, and usually we have to wake him up at 6.20am to take him to nursery. Tonight he was funny, standing up in his travel cot and pretending to ignore us, but this only lasted for 10 minutes before he gave up, and started snoring (truely his Grandpa's grandson). At the moment - 8.30pm - Lara is putting up a fight, though to be fair she has developed a cough today. Typical really, the first day of a holiday and she's ill for the first time in months.
Lara and I have managed a little bit of skiing on our new skis this afternoon, but only on the nursery slope at Nakiska, where we've bought season lift passes. They're only partially open at this time of year, and we arrived too late to benefit from the lifts that were open, so we'll give them a try tomorrow. The main thing is Lara took off down the nursery slope like she's skied every day of her life, which is very encouraging. Dan was limited to playing in the snow and offering food to anyone who wandered past.
Once we'd checked into our hotel in Canmore, we headed to the pool, and its waterslide. This is a major attraction for Lara, I'm not sure if she's more keen to come here for the waterslide or for the skiing and sledging.
We enticed Dan into the pool as well, and he took to it like a duck to water. He's not been in a pool since he was very young, but he really enjoyed it, giving huge applause whenever Lara shot off the end of the waterslide.
There wasn't really anything to photograph at Nakiska today, there'll be plenty over the next day or two, but here are some photos & videos from the hotel pool, oh, and one cute one from earlier in the week when the kids were being sweet.

Lara finally fell asleep at 9.15pm while this video was uploading to youtube, after some medecine and once we turned the lights off, so Olga and I are sitting here, drinking beer in the dark. The things we do for our kids!

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