Tuesday, 15 October 2013

T-shirts or Snow Shovels?

The weather here is a constant source of fascination for me, as you might have guessed.
I was walking the dogs this morning around 7.15, dawn was just breaking, with the sky in the East turning from very dark blue to reddy-orange then light blue, and this has been the same thing for almost every morning, albeit the timing of sunrise itself is getting later and later - it wasn't until 8am today (according to my weather station).
If there was one thing back in England that I wish I could have changed, it was the rain. Very occasionally rain can be nice, a light drizzle on an autumnal walk in the countryside is fine, but I've had enough mornings getting up to walk the dogs, hearing the wind howl and the rain lash against the bedroom window, especially at this time of year. It was cold here this morning, probably 3 or 4 degrees C below freezing, but it was clear. I could put on a warm down jacket, hat and gloves and not depress myself at the thought of having to towel-dry the dogs when we got back home. Even when the snow comes, some might stick to their fur and brought inside, but it'll just melt into clean water and be easily tidied up. I know there will be wet days, and days when the snow is melting and slush will be the cause of some frustration, but those days should be few and far between. So far I'm liking this desert climate thing; I approve. As a curious side note, we have noticed that the dogs have been drinking much more water since we moved to Canada, perhaps a reflection on the dry atmosphere rather than the heat, but interesting nonetheless.
Once the sun comes up, the temperature rises dramatically, and by this afternoon it was almost t-shirt weather, which was a bit wierd as I'd just watched a TV weather forecast for the Calgary area which was predicting upto 5cm overnight. It was all the more strange as we were heading off to the shop to buy Lara a new helmet for ice-skating - she has her first group lesson tomorrow after school. This is her third helmet, she has one for riding her bike or scooter, one for skiing and now one for skating. We couldn't use the bike or ski helmet for skating, it had to be a skating one! We've not got her a hockey facemask just yet.

As I write now, at 10pm, the temperature outside is a balmy 9.1 degrees C above freezing, but apparently a cold front is approaching from the North, and we should get rain/snow showers by morning.

If it's rain, the dog-towels will be on standby by the front door... 

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