Sunday, 20 January 2013

A very good day for Lara

Lara's had a very good Sunday; this morning she resumed her skiing lessons after our holiday, it was leeson one of Level 5, and this one would be longer than all her previous lessons - one hour 50 minutes instead of 50 minutes. She had been introduced to the main slope at Chill Factore in her Level 4 lessons, but sometime during Level 5 she would be taken to the very top of the slope.  As it turned out, the instructor had a look at the six kids on the lesson making a few runs from the first "stop" on the main slope, and was obviously happy with what she saw, and before half an hour was up, they were all heading up to the very top!
Here's their little group following the instructor like ducklings, Lara's bringing up the rear, wearing the all-white suit:

She fell a couple of times, but some of those were down to trying to avoid one of the kids in front who had fallen, and there is no shame in falling on your first runs down that slope - it's steeper than it looks in the photo!

Then tonight, as usual for a Sunday night, it was time to practise her reading before school tomorrow, and she read the two books she'd been given, one of them with no help at all from me, other than confirmation that she had got certain words right, and she read almost every word in her second book, only stumbling over difficult words ending in "y", as spelling those out phonetically doesn't help so much, but it was certainly her best attempt so far at reading.
To cap it all off, after we'd finished the second book, she asked "Can I go to sleep now?"

Days don't get much better than that... :-)

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