Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Move - Part 1: And so it starts...

OK, so today is the first proper day of packing for the move to Bury. We've been trying to pack for 12 months, and plenty of stuff has gone to our storage units in High Wycombe, but if you visited the house now, you wouldn't notice that! Today's list includes packing up the office - Olga and I have taken all of next week off work - and Lara wants to help me dismantle her bed.  I'm picking up a big transit van on Monday morning, and I'll load the big stuff into that and drive up to Mum's house on Monday afternoon or evening - thanks Mum for letting us store stuff in your garage until we move it again to "The Pub" as we're going to call the new house.
It'll be hard to concentrate on packing with the Olympics being on at the moment, we picked a good week to have off work! I just watched Oscar Pistorious come second in his 400m heat, well done to him.

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