Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Danny - he's a big lad

After nearly a month, I'm finally getting around to updating this blog. We've been on holiday, and preoccupied with getting ready for the house sale. More on those in other posts...

Danil is doing really well. His sleeping is excellent, all through the night from 7pm until 5.30-6am usually. Olga gives him a quick breakfast and he's back to sleep for another hour, giving Olga some more rest. It seems to be working a treat, as he was weighed properly today for the first time in 8 weeks - which in itself shows how confident we are that he's been putting on weight adequately - and he's 7.6kg (16lbs 12oz). For his age (17 weeks) this puts him just over the 75th percentile. He's tall too, or long I suppose I should say, and seems to be fitting into 6-12 months clothes quite comfortably.

He's reacting in the right way to us when he sees us, with laughs and smiles, and is very alert. His current obsession is with pint glasses, he just stares and stares if he sees one. A chip off the old block.

Lara's continuing to be great with him, of course at the moment he's all cute and fun, and isn't a threat to her toys or her attention from us. She plays peekaboo with him, and he always smiles when he sees her, which seems to make her very proud.

Baba Luda is looking after him during the day now that Olga has returned to work full time, though of course one of the benefits of working from home is we can play with Danny for a few minutes any time we like, or if he needs us, and Olga is on hand to feed him when he's hungry. The "system" is working really well.

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