Wednesday, 7 March 2012

37 weeks - still waiting!

The scan last Friday went very well, Olga was officially discharged from consultant care into midwife care, which means if she goes into labour she can use a midwife-led birthing centre or a maternity unit with machines and doctors and stuff.  Junior is slightly larger than average, with an estimated weight of 3.477kg (Lara was born at 2.84kg) and Olga has slightly more water than average, but that's fine, and nothing to worry about.
On Tuesday this week Olga hit the 37 weeks mark, we're into new territory here, as Lara appeared at 36 weeks and 4 days. Olga is considered to be "full term" at 37 weeks, so if Junior decides it's time to make an appearance, then Olga will be able to use one of the birthing pools at either Wycombe or Stoke Mandeville hospital if the labour is progressing normally. This was her preferred option with Lara but because technically she was 3 days premature, Olga wasn't allowed to have a water birth, more monitoring was needed.
Just for a laugh we opened a bottle of Shloer sparkling grape juice on Monday night for Olga - she was drinking this the night before Lara arrived, so we wondered if lightening would strike twice. Not yet...
Olga is getting intermittent back pain, but not the constant pain that might indicate the onset of labour.
I think I need to start swotting up on my job, like remembering the breathing techniques (for Olga, not me) and the right things to say ("You're doing really well, he's nearly here", not "Hurry up, the second half is about to start"). So far we've practised with the TENS machine and that's it, but that was worth doing as we found out it needed a new battery.  So, now we're just wondering when it might all happen.. 8th March is International Women's Day, the 18th is Mother's Day, the 20th would have been Olga's Dad's 60th birthday. They're all possibilites!

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