Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Woah, it's back to normal at last & getting ready for Junior

Wow, there's a lot to catch up on, and no way will I try and do it in one long post - I'll be up half the night writing it. I'll write a few posts over the next few days to bring everyone up to speed.

What's been happening this week? Well, today we had only the second viewing of the house since September (we had one just before Christmas). These viewings are very handy because it forces us to clean the house and have a big tidy up. The main focus this week has been to clear out our box room, which has been used as Olga's walk-in wardrobe since we moved here, and get it ready to be Junior's nursery. That room was finally cleared this morning, and once the viewing was over, we took a car load of stuff to our storage unit, and brought back a car load of things we'll need for him. The changing table, crib, car seat, bath and boxes of baby clothes and breastfeeding equipment has come back, and his new pram was delivered from Mothercare today too, which Lara is testing here:

This is a present from Olga's grandma in Russia, it's the next model up from the Maclaren that we've used for Lara, and that has been a brilliant pram. This one is a little larger and heavier, so we'll be keeping her old one for holidays. We'll be getting one of those "boogie board" ride-on things to fix to it for Lara to stand on.
Olga had an appointment with her midwife today, Junior is fine, he's head down at the moment, and the position of his feet accounts for the kick he gave her the other night which actually made her cry out "Ow!".
Tomorrow we're going to visit one of the three schools that we'll be putting on the application form for Lara's school...
Phew, that's enough for today, more about Christmas and New Year in the next few days.

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