Thursday, 29 September 2011

Windsor & Heathrow this week

It's been a busy week work-wise this week, so I'm only getting round to a blog post now, once I've finished what I have been doing, and it's late on Thursday night. Tomorrow I've got a day off for my Littlewick Green Cricket Club Annual Golf Day and Presentation Dinner :-) I had a second golf lesson on Wednesday, some more slight tweaks to my stance and swing were offered, and whilst I was a long was from perfect, hopefully if I can conquer nerves tomorrow, I might get round without looking like a complete arse (depends on what I choose to wear, I suppose!).
Last Thursday night we had a little party for Olga's birthday in the evening. Lara was desperate to help blow out the candles:
On Friday night Olga and I went to the "pubhotel" where we had our Wedding Reception, the Bird in Hand in Knowl Hill, for a nice meal and a change of scenery, as we stayed the night too, courtesy of a great GroupOn deal.  On Saturday we went to Windsor to meet my sister, brother-in-law and their two children for a picnic on The Long Walk. Lara and Elizabeth collected dozens of conkers (I think we've still got Lara's share somewhere at home), and William occupied himself with Lara's football, or anyone else's football he could find. His dribbling is excellent, I'll put some money on him playing for England one day, and he's got a better vocabulary at age nearly 2 than a lot of premier league players.

Sunday morning was all about taking Baba Luda to the airport for her trip back to Russia. Auntie Lucy has gone with her for two weeks, so we had no worries about Luda travelling on her own. Apart from her baggage, a lot of which was secreted into Lucy's suitcase, although Sergei was still concerned about the weight of Luda's holdall:

There was time for one last hug before departure:

Afterwards there was some time for retail therapy to get over the upset of Baba going home, and we found Lara her own trolley:
Bizarrely, we bought her some cute earmuffs and a hat-scarf combo, ready for the autumnal weather, and for the past 2 days the sun has been cracking the flags and it's set to get warmer over the weekend!

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