Monday, 19 September 2011

And then there were 4 (plus 2)!!

Well, here is the really big breaking news... we're expecting an addition to the family towards the end of March 2012!
We went for Olga's 12 week scan last week, and Junior was very active, so much so we needed a second opinion on the measurements that were being taken. "It" even did a headstand at one point. Maybe the quality of the scan image has got better over the years, or maybe it's because they are not the first scans I've seen, but it was really easy to see arms and legs, hands and feet, and the little heart was going 100 to the dozen.
Here we go....

We told Lara the next day, when she was on the mend from her stomach bug, that she was going to be a Big Sister. It took a minute or two to sink in, but once we showed her the scan photos, she was able to grasp that there was a new baby on the way. It really helped that we could quickly look back on this blog to a very similar image of Lara. One of her first reactions was to tell Olga that the only thing she could eat (well, drink) now was milk "because that's what babies eat". Since then she's asking to hug the baby, and rubs Olga's tummy.
So, there's another reason to keep up the search for a bigger house (OK, it's always been one of the reasons!)

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