Monday, 27 June 2011

Paella, Pasta & Frogs Legs

Well, we're nearly off on holiday. It's 1.25am and packing is finished, the taxi is coming to take us to Luton airport at 3.30am, and the big decision is whether it's worth having an hour and a half's nap or just get in the holiday mood and have a whiskey & ginger. OK, I'll have one while I type..
We've got a lot of luggage, there's no getting around the fact that we don't travel light. 3 bags for the hold, albeit one of them is big but light, filled with beach towels and Lara's swimming paraphernalia. Then each of us has one cabin bag, Lara's is her cool Gruffalo trunkie:
And finally we're taking her pram too...

The itinerary has us spending tomorrow in Palma on board the ship, then it departs for Propriano in Corsica at 11pm. It gets there on Thursday morning, and then onto Civitavecchia on Friday, the nearest port for Rome. We've ducked the very expensive organised tours to Rome, and have booked our own train tickets, and we'll make up our own 4 or 5 hour walking tour on the day. From there we move up the coast to Livorno for Naples, then onto Cannes (Olga will be leaving the credit card on board the ship if we get off). Finally we visit Port Mahon in Menorca on Monday before we return to Palma on Tuesday. From there we transfer by coach to our hotel on the north coast, in C'an Picafort - a hotel I've visited before when I was barely a toddler. They have renovated it since then! We stay there for a week before coming home just in time for my birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary (already!)...

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