Thursday, 14 April 2011

The bookie is the only winner

We had our usual dabble on the Grand National on Saturday, with no great success. Over the past few years one of us has usually won a bit of money, enough to cover the bets I put on, but not this year. Lara did the best out of all of us, Midnight Club came 6th, then Luda's horse Backstage came 10th, but the rest of our horses failed to finish the race (though they did all live to see another day). Lara had good fun picking the horses, based on the colours of the jockeys' silks:

Lara's been at home between Monday and Wednesday rather than at nursery as she's had a bad cold, so Luda's been busy entertaining her. It wasn't too distracting for us working in the loftroom, we were expecting more visits from Lara but the weather was good which meant that she could play outside with Luda much of the time, even with her cold.
She's gone back to nursery today, they're gearing up for the Royal Wedding there, there'll be an afternoon tea party the day before that the parents are invited to.

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Amanda said...

Lara's an angel!