Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Struggling for news.. gym, Olympics, Infinity and a party

Not much to report again in the last week!
Lara managed one forward roll at gymnastics yesterday, which is a personal best for her. Having bottled out of going on the rings last week, claiming she was scared, she was happy to try again and completed two backward-roll things. All this enthusiasm inspired me to get onto the Olympics website and apply for tickets. So, I've applied for four tickets for the gymnastics (naturally) and the athletics, hopefully Beth Tweddle & Jessica Ennis will do us proud. If there was an Olympic medal for combined snorting and dirty-looking, Olga would be a certain gold medal winner for her performance when I pointed out that tickets for the beach volleyball started at £20... I did apply for 2 tickets for one of the men's basketball semi-finals, on the off chance we might see the USA play, and Olga and I were both decent players back in our day.
All this internet work was done using our new super-duper BT Infinity broadband connection. I've gone from 3.1Mbps to 33Mbps in a single bound. Given that the wireless signal has to travel up two storeys and through walls a foot thick, it won't make that much difference to our day-to-day lives, but hey, the BT engineer said we were the first on the street to have it, and any improvement is a good thing. And stuff does download quicker now, and we'll make more use of BBC iPlayer, and hopefully Luda will watch some Russian TV streamed on the net when she arrives in 16 days and 18 hours...
We got to say hello to the parents of Lara's latest Best Friend, Harrison, on Saturday, at a birthday party for one of the boys in her room. There are many more children in her room now than there were in the Marlow nursery, so it was quite a busy party, but I got involved with the Hokey-Cokey and musical chairs. Lara needs more practise with that, she didn't quite get the sitting-down bit.
Tomorrow is Gruffalo day at nursery, so I've printed out a mask for her, and Olga is painting it as I type. Apparently Olga's created an outfit to go with it, I'll see it in the morning, but I hope I don't need my fingerless gloves, as they've been sequestered....

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