Saturday, 12 February 2011

Late night party animal

Auntie Lucy has come over today for her birthday drinks. Olga and Lucy took Lara to the park, shops and pub this afternoon while I rearranged the home office - we've had to buy a bigger desk for Olga! She's already outgrown the one she had, so I'll have that one, but this has meant a big reshuffle today in the office. It's also getting its first test as a bedroom, Lucy will report back on the comfort rating of the new sofa bed in there. Lara was allowed to stay up and join in the Chinese take away we ordered, so she's had wantons, spring rolls (or spring sausage rolls as she called them), prawn toasts and house special chow-mein. I've only just put her to bed at 10.50pm, and she was still pretty perky then, but she's asleep now, and to encourage her to have a lie-in tomorrow, we've put her black-out curtain up. Whilst she's never been one for getting up before 6.30, hopefully tomorrow she'll aim to beat her personal best of something like 10.20am.

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