Friday, 19 November 2010

Pudsey Day & Curry Night

Firstly - Happy 3rd Birthday to our friend Eve for yesterday, and we're looking forward to the party tomorrow!

Today is Children in Need day, and the nursery has suggested the kids go in wearing fancy dress, or something spotty, for the price of a small donation. Lara actually hasn't got any fancy dress outfit at the moment, at least not one she can fit into, so Olga made a Pudsey top for her:

I'll not be able to watch the main TV programme tonight (including the Eastenders / Coronation Street mashup, I hope it'll be on iPlayer!) because we're having the Littlewick Green Cricket Club 2nd XI Annual Curry Night (LGCCSEACN doesn't trip off the tongue, does it?) in Hounslow. By a handy quirk of the Club rules, I won the Batting Averages Trophy (averaging 34.67), and tonight I'll be handing out the Bowling Trophy, and trying to give a rousing speech about how we'll not finish bottom of the league next season... 
It's a nice trophy, I can't keep it, it lives in the pub at The Green, but Lara and I had to pose with it:

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