Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jo Jingles Party

Last Saturday Lara went to her nursery friend's birthday party. It was our first chance to see her play with those friends she spends all day, 5 days a week with, and it was great. Both Olga and I can be shy in group situations, and I did worry that Lara would be quiet and clingy to us, but she joined in all the games without any fuss, and really enjoyed herself. I don't know why I was worried, we always hear about how much fun she is at nursery, but it was just nice to see in person.
There was a children's entertainer and then they all had a nice kids' tea party, here are a couple of photos:

When we showed Lara the top photo, she went along the line and named all the kids for us, which helped us, we didn't know all of them. The lad in the second picture is James, the birthday boy.

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