Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bucks Little Stars Children's Photography Competition

The local paper round here, the Bucks Free Press, is running a free-to-enter competition that is effectively a kiddies' beauty contest, and we couldn't resist entering Lara. As much as anything else, it was a chance to have some professional photos taken of her for free, and why not enter her in the competition while we were there. The photographer took about 30 photos, and a few days later we had to pick one from the best 6 that they had printed out, and this has been entered in the competition. The kids' photos are in the Bucks Free Press this week, and here she is...

We did buy four of the six best shots, on one of them she looks sooo grown up, we had to look twice to make sure it was really her. It wasn't that she looked 12 years old, but it made me think that that is how she will look when she's 12, it was wierd.
The public can vote by phone or text between the 5th and 12th November, and the top 5 kids in different age groups go through to the final, and the winner in each age group will be chosen by the photographer's company. The winner gets a framed print worth £150.
Not that we'd try to influence the vote, but if you've nothing else to do and 50p burning a hole in your pocket, text LSTARS [space]2266 to 80360 or just call 090 1159 2266 (50p from a BT landline) Surely better than voting for someone on The X Factor or Strictly!!

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