Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Another busy week passes

It's been another busy week for all of us. Today's big event was Olga taking Lara to Clarks to have her feet measured and buy a new pair of shoes. I thought it better to leave the shoe shopping to the experts, and went to walk the dogs. This photo is of the results of the shopping, Lara picked them out of a choice of three, and by the time we went to pick her up from nursery at the end of the day, all the staff new about her new, flashing, shoes (there are impact-activated lights in the heel). She's a size 7, which took me by surprise, but that's how quickly she's growing. 
Lara's enjoying being back at nursery full-time, she's always happy to go into her room in the morning, but is equally happy to see us at the end of the day too. Her verbal skills are very good, and I've found that I can ask her to do something, and she'll go off and do it, like putting her pajamas on in the evening. She certainly hasn't been a badly behaved two-year-old, but she has her moments when she tries to test her boundaries. We've found that just leaving her to her tantrum is the quickest and least tearful way of dealing with her, although there are times when it's necessary to accept there will be tears, but Lara soon gets over it once the next distraction comes along.
The boys are fine, they probably get bored each morning and afternoon now, stuck in the hall and kitchen at home while we're at work, though one of us comes home at lunchtime to check on them. Lara's getting to the point where she thinks she's big enough to control Jackson, but we're not so sure, so she's only allowed to hold his lead so long as one of us is holding it too - he's stronger than he looks!
This Sunday I'm playing cricket at Lords - but not at the "main" ground, but at the Nursery Ground right next door. We'll wait and see how the weather will be - I've never played cricket in October before...

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