Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Sun has Got His Hat On, Hip Hip Hip Hooray

It's the best Saturday of the year so far for weather, so everyone is getting ready to go out to the garden. I've got cricket this afternoon at the Green, I've got 11 players for the 2nd XI, but only two of those are bowlers. It could be a long afternoon, involving me having a bowl too. I've not bowled in a League game for 10 years, and haven't bowled more than 4 overs in one spell in that time either in any kind of game. Oh well, time for the captain to stand up and be counted...

On another, hopefully sunny note, we've booked our summer holiday. We've spent weeks trying to decide what the best option would be, and it came down to a cheap, last-minute all-inclusive to Spain or Turkey, or a week in a holiday camp in France. In the end we went for the holiday camp option (no flying invloved in case "The Cloud" gets in the way, and no worries about getting a crappy hotel with thin walls and gangs of Essex teenagers running amok, keeping Lara (and us) awake), but the amount of driving involved in getting to Brittany or the Cote d'Azur from Calais was just too much. Getting a ferry to Roscoff or St Malo was too expensive as well.. so in the end we've opted for a holiday camp in Holland! It's on the coast, and about 40 minutes drive to Amsterdam, and has a theme park AND a water park for Lara's use (OK, for ours too). Luda will stay in High Wycombe and look after the boys, while we have a week in a 2-bed mobile home. Now we've booked it, and the Dover-Calais ferry, we can't wait. We're off on June 2nd, so not long to wait. This is the park.

OK, time to see if the lawn mower will start...
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