Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Reading Beer Festival 2010

We had our traditional trip to the Family Day at Reading Beer Festival on Sunday; it was Lara's third visit, not bad for a two year old. Luda came as well, and sampled a little bit of good old fashioned English beer. We brought a Russian touch ourselves, as Luda had slaved away in the kitchen making pirojkee (I think that's how you pronounce it!) - meat and rice or egg and leek wrapped up in a thick pancake, great snack food with beer. Lara loves bus rides (at the moment, I'm sure it won't last) so she enjoyed the hour-long trip there and back, although she did have a powernap on the way there for the last 20 minutes, which is very unusual for her during the day. She was too young for the official face-painting, but Olga had brought along a set of facepaints, and Lara likes being a tiger, hence the photo above - don't worry, although she's licking her lips, she didn't just empty that glass!
We met up with Anton, Becca and the girls, you can just see Anton walking away with Tess and Eve in the first photo (taken before poor Eve responded too sharply to Anton's order to stop running away, resulting in an unfortunate slide in the mud).
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