Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lara and the train

Sunday's party in Portishead went very well. The omens were good - we left the house on time, which is probably a first since Lara was born. The journey there from Reading was fine, Lara spent the first 20 minutes looking out of the window and telling me everytime she saw cows, horses, sheep and diggers - a result of her Bob the Builder fascination, we think.
As soon as she got bored of this, and restless, I broke out the food bag. From the amount of food I'd packed, you'd think I was going to be feeding everyone on the train. There was enough variety there to keep Lara occupied though, and without any great hassle we arrived at Nailsea & Backwell station.
The party passed without Lara performing any great hysterics, and Elizabeth was kind enough to let Lara blow out her candles (after Elizabeth had blown them out several times, I hasten to add), as well as play with all her toys, including her new trampoline, without any fights at all, which was a pleasant surprise!

My nephew William won the prize for pulling the cutest face on a photo though..

Lara slept in Auntie Cath's car on the way from the party to the station, but woke up before the train had left the platform, and stayed awake until Olga put her to bed at 10pm. Lucky for me Grandma gave us a Peppa Pig sticker book to play with, and that passed much of the journey home.

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