Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Normal Service has been Resumed

Well, after the crazy night on Sunday/Monday, I was a bit concerned that we'd see a repeat last night - except poor Olga would have to be the one to stay up with the little girl. Lara had a bath to remove two days worth of calamine lotion, and to wash her hair, and this helped to relax her and get her into her normal routine. She had been just too tired on Sunday for any of this. So, she went to sleep at 8pm, and I was on tenterhooks all evening, waiting for the crying, but it never came, to the extent that I went and checked on her at 10.30pm to make sure she was OK! Other than one request to have her blanket put back over her after she'd kicked it off, she slept soundly and only started stirring properly just before 9am, which gave me a nice lie-in too. Olga and I have shared the working-from-home duties today, and this morning she's been running about as happy as normal, with very little itching, which is a relief for everyone I think. The poor thing doesn't look her best, especially when she strips off to sit on the potty, with those blisters, but I hope we're over the worst of it now. Just to keep our feet on the ground, she has woken today with a cold, so not only are we following her around with a potty (she's still doing very well), calamine lotion, anti-histamines, but you can add a box of tissues to that list too.
Latest news from the nursery is they've had from all the different rooms in the nursery, so it looks like all the kids who go there will get it, if they've not already had it. We do think to ourselves that this is the silver lining to this cloud - whilst it's a pain for everyone at the moment, at least for us and for Lara, it'll all be over soon enough and we don't have to dread it happening in future :-)

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