Friday, 29 January 2010


Finally, I get round to updating this. The lack of posts itself gives you an idea of what my week has been like - busy. OK, ok, so there was an impromptu night out in Wycombe last night with some colleagues from work, but other than that, it's been long days at work followed by taking the boys for a long walk, then trying to get some jobs done around the house, then bed. I made the mistake of trying to tidy up a collection of photographs that were gathering dust on a shelf, and you can't just put them away, can you, you have to look through them, and that took a good few hours of Monday evening!

Anyway, Olga & Lara. They seem to be having a good time. It's still well below zero outside (anywhere between -15 and -25 degrees C) so Lara can only play out for maybe 30 minutes at a time. Olga judges by the colour of Lara's cheeks when it's time to come in! Although yesterday apparently Lara said "Go home now" which Olga took as a hint that Lara was cold and wanted to go back to Luda's apartment! Lara also said this earlier this week when Olga was showing some neighbours photos and videos that she'd brought along of us and the boys. During a video of Mishka and Jackson, Lara was watching, and came out with "Go home now?" which could have been a sign of homesickness.

Lara's being staying up quiet late, but we're happy with that. It actually keeps her body on UK time, and should make it easier when she gets home. Lara will only go to bed when Olga goes, so it has been midnight or later sometimes, but then Lara will sleep in until 9 or 10 o'clock the next morning. To start with Lara would fall asleep in bed with Olga, and then Olga would transfer Lara to her own bed (we're using an inflatable kiddies bed), but more recently Lara has been climbing into her own bed and going to sleep, after saying "Night night, Mama. Dark!" This bodes well for the time when we take the side off her cot, perhaps we'll do that sooner rather than later, but we're in no great rush to do it.  Her potty training is coming on well too, she is almost 100% consistent that when she asks for the potty, she'll do a pee in it. Poops are still in the nappy but at least now she does tell Olga when she's "performed", but again, we're in no great rush to fix that, we're just really pleased with her potty progress so far.

I'm really looking forward to Monday morning, and welcoming the travellers home at Heathrow, when Lara comes bounding into the arrivals hall. I just have to spend Sunday getting the house presentable!!

Here are a couple of photos Olga sent through last night...

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