Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I survived, as Gloria Gaynor promised

Can you tell which is me? The answer will follow...

The Rewind Festival was great. The weather was almost perfect, just a little rain on the first afternoon, but all gone by the evening, then lovely and warm for Saturday and Sunday - causing me a bit of Panda-Eyes problems with wearing sunglasses all day and no sun cream. The facilities was really good, and whilst the food and drink in the concert area was predictably over-priced, things like the Comedy Store Tent and Silent Disco were free. The Silent Disco was one of the major highlights - a tent of 500 people all wearing wireless headphones, listening to one of two channels, with different songs on each channel. It was relatively silent, all you could hear if you were outside the tent were 500 people singing badly to one song or another at the same time.

There were lots of people dressed up in 80s gear, our particular theme was Only Fools and Horses, and if you couldn't guess who I was from the first photo, this will give it away..

Yep, Rodney the Plonker. That suitcase went everywhere with me that night (and I mean everywhere, I got some funny looks in the gents, and in the disco).

Even the music was good, which for most people was the whole reason to attend, but for us was just a bonus on top of everything else. Gloria Gaynor closed the concert out on Sunday evening, with a rendition of I Will Survive, I'll post a snippet up here once I get a copy off Chris.

Well done to Chris R for arranging it, it was a brilliant weekend, helped along by an Ashes win (we listened on the radio before going out on the Sunday evening) and a sneaky couple of hours with Olga and Lara in Henley on Sunday morning! Not traditional Stag Do etiquette, but OK given that I'd hardly seen them for 2 weeks before then!

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