Monday, 27 July 2009

More sniffles

Olga and Lara went to London on Wednesday last week, to apply for Olga's visa for Cyprus; however, it turns out that as the spouse of a British citizen, she won't need a visa! After all the form filling and two visits to the Embassy. We had a feeling there was a rule like this for some EEA countries, but it was good to hear it from an official at the Embassy, so Olga knows for sure that there won't be a problem on arrival.
The downside of the trip was that Lara picked up a cold, and has been snotty and with a night-time cough since Thursday. During the day she's fine, and she's gone to nursery as normal today, but it did mean she had some restless nights, including deciding that 4.45am was a good time to get up on Saturday morning, and that Papa should keep her company downstairs.... that was a long Saturday! It might have helped my cricket though, I nutured a season-best innings of 24 in the middle order, albeit in a losing cause.
Lara's learning to cope with colds now, she can go and get herself a tissue from a box and wipe her nose, although this normally just smears the gloop over her cheek, but the intention is good!
Yesterday was spent doing some shopping, tidying up, and building some things that we'll need at home after next weekend... watch this space!

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