Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A change is as good as a rest

Recently Olga had the idea to move the furniture around at home, to give Lara more space to play. My imagination isn't the best and I struggled to picture how it would look if we transposed the lounge and dining rooms. Olga even marked out the footprint of the sofa on the dining room floor for me with masking tape, which helped, but it wasn't until I got home from cricket on Saturday evening that the penny finally dropped: Olga had moved all the furniture herself - no mean feat given this included a 5-seater corner sofa, a dining table and 2 large cabinets! She's strong, you know.

It's worked out really well, as Lara had started to really enjoy climbing on the sofa, and in it's old position it was difficult to keep an eye on her while we were in the kitchen, but now the sofa is directly under the hole in the wall between the kitchen and the now-lounge. If anything, it's cosier now to watch the TV, the sofa does almost fill the room, but there's enough room to get round the back of it to retrieve dropped toys, and we've revealed acres of wallspace just waiting for photos of our travels to be hung there.
This also means extra fun for Mishka, who can climb on the sofa and stick his head almost into the kitchen to beg for treats (he doesn't get any!), although the downside for him is he's lost his primary position for guarding the house and watching the world go by - when he used to lean on the back of the sofa and look out of the front window. The postman will probably be pleased, as he'll not get the full-on barking attack he would normally get from Mishka when he delivers the mail.

Other home news - Olga took her first pickings from the veg patch yesterday, we have monster radishes, it seems, although some local creatures have taken a shine to our broccoli.

Here are some new pics:

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