Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A trip to the Zoo

Finally - an update! We've been busy with Life in general since we came home, but more of that to follow. Olga took Lara to London Zoo today, and she (Lara, not Olga) entertained the other passengers on the train home by making them do impressions of her.

Lara's walking is very confident now, which is a good thing. She's only having one nap a day, for around an hour, and is consistently sleeping for 12 hours, which means we usually have to wake her up when we get up. We've stopped using a humidifier in her room at night now, which seemed to be causing her to have occasional coughing fits. At least the heating isn't on (much) now, so the air in her room isn't as dry as it was in winter.
Regular words we're getting now are Mamma, Pappa, Baby (she's good at that one), baa-baa (for sheep, of course), and Olga's taught her a very good roar for all other animals, including dogs, who now roar instead of uff-uff.

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