Wednesday, 8 April 2009

"Me Tarzan, You Lara" at JungleMania

Yesterday I had my day off with Lara, and seeing as she can move about much more freely now, I thought we'd go to one of those "ball park" places where the kids can play in relative safety. It was quite busy because the schools are off for Easter, but there was a seperate area for the under 3's, which only had a three or four kids in it. Parents were allowed in too (shoes off!) which I was relieved about, in case Lara felt lonely or lost in there, but she seemed confident enough had I stayed outside and watched. I was glad I was in there with her though whenever her instinct to climb on things took over. She's very good at getting up on to something but not so good at coming down again.
It was a bargain for £1.50 (cheaper rate because she's not a "proper walker" yet!) and we'll definitely go back soon, with Olga, so one of us can look after Lara while the other takes photos. Here are the best ones I could get though:

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