Thursday, 19 March 2009

Power Nap needed after exercising

Lara had a busy day shopping with her mum yesterday. When I got home Olga reported that Lara had achieved four steps without support, but those steps much have taken it out of her, as when we finally got round to serving dinner (slightly later than usual, around 7.30), the poor girl conked out in the high chair!!

I hadn't helped by playing with Lara after I got home, trying to coax her into walking for me, but it seems she had performed for mum, but dad would have to wait.
This is encouraging in a way though, as only yesterday I was wondering if we might be able to get her to sleep on an aeroplane if we ever made a flight longer than the three hours to St Petersburg. It was easier to get her to sleep on the way home from Ekaterinburg last summer (5 hour flight), all it needed was for Olga to feed her and the lights went out. I was concerned that Lara might not fancy sleeping in a strange place or position these days, but she went and proved me wrong!

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