Sunday, 29 March 2009

BST - lighter evenings, more time to get things done!!

We've had a very productive weekend, Mishka has been stripped very nicely by Olga, and now looks very smart, and I've finished putting some screening up on the decking to make it safe for Lara to play on this summer. We managed to link a couple of hosepipes together to feed our jetwasher and Olga cleaned the decking, it looks much better now - there are drawbacks to having a 30m long, uphill-sloping garden, such as gravity. It's a long way back to the outside tap to re-attach the hosepipe when it slips off!
I've just got to fit a stairgate to the steps upto the decking and then Lara can officially open it for 2009, and Olga can "get on with her gardening" (her words!). So, only a new fence to build, a pergola to erect, more decking to put down, build a sandpit, and over 200 square metres of lawn to mow. That'll take care of next Saturday morning, then....

It's been lovely here today, warm with blue skies, and with us now being in British Summer Time, it didn't go dark until after 7.30. For the first time I can remember, we changed our clocks last night before going to bed, so there were no unpleasant surprises this morning! Lara had a nice lie in until 8.30 (ok, 7.30 as far as she's concerned) but this meant that when I got up to look after her, it was perfectly timed for me to see the very last corner of the Australian Grand Prix, and seeing as those who started first and second, finished first and second, perhaps I didn't miss much!!?

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