Sunday, 8 February 2009

Weekend Update

Friday was snowy too in Wycombe, we didn't bother leaving for the nursery & work until after 10am to allow the gritters to do their work in Wycombe so traffic could get up the hill to get out of town. The nursery closed at 1pm, so Lara was only there briefly, but that's better than nothing. She is suffering with another cold at the moment, she had a restless night on Friday (poor Olga had to stay up with her while I was out on a boys night in Reading!). She's been quiet and basically under-the-weather all weekend, and she slept in the backpack for most of today's walk around snowy West Wycombe. It hasn't snowed since Friday morning, but it's not melting quickly here, as you can see from this afternoon's photographs. In fact this evening it's started snowing properly again, so travel plans will probably be messed up again tomorrow.

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